Capital W’s The Blind Date

Capital W has been commissioned by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to develop a brand new one-on-one experience for the Denver audience.

Between Us: The Blind Date premieres on April 9 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

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Past Events


Sunday, February 17 @ 12pm

Ambient Aerial Performance at Angel City Brewery for Broken Hearts Circus


Immersive Theatre 101: Creative Producing at the Cutting Edge

"Immersive" may be the buzzword du jour in talking about everything from performance to cars to television sets, but when it comes to theatre, what does it really mean?

Simply put, immersive theatre gives audiences agency, and with that, comes a whole new world of topics for the theatre producer to consider. Award-winning Los Angeles-based producer Monica Miklas (Capital W) gives you the basics on what she's learned producing critically-acclaimed intimate immersive projects in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Denver, then dives deeper into the challenges and opportunities of developing and producing work in this exciting new(-ish) landscape.

If you're interested in sticking your toe in the waters of immersive work, consider this your crash course for getting to know the business-end of the business.

Saturday, December 15 | 10am-12pm

Theatre4 at the Armory Lofts at the Seattle Center