Theatre Consulting

I've been producing intimate theatre in Los Angeles since 2010. I consult hourly on: 

  • Budgeting

  • Marketing plans

  • Venue research and contracting

  • Creative process planning

  • Production timelines

  • Ticketing software and Setup

  • Hollywood Fringe Festival project planning

When you work with me on a theatre project, it's all about your goals. I'll make sure you have the templates and resources you need to thrive while you work toward your unique vision.

Immersive Theatre

As the co-founder of the award-winning immersive theatre company Capital W, I have particular expertise in producing site-specific work involving audience interaction and agency. This style of work involves logistical challenges - think insurance and audience safety - and demands the most thoughtful marketing.

Hollywood Fringe Festival

I've produced seven shows in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, with nominations for Best of Comedy, Dance & Physical Theatre, and Immersive, plus a win for Top of the Fringe. I know the ins and outs of successful Fringe producing and can help you identify the skills you need so that you can produce your own Fringe show.

devised work

Work generated by ensemble can be incredibly rewarding - and it requires nuanced production support to be successful. Drawing on my experience as a dramaturg and a producer, I advise on how to keep both left- and right-brained collaborators on the same page.


Production History


Between Us: The Blind Date (Capital W for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts)


Rochester, 1996 (Capital W)


Red Flags (Capital W)


Ameryka (consulting, Critical Mass Performance Group)

And the Drum (Capital W)

Hamlet-Mobile (Capital W)

A Useful Life in C Major (consulting, David Wheatley)


Night (remount, Lost Moon Radio)

Hamlet-Mobile (remount, Capital W)


Million Dollar Hair (LMR)

Lost Moon Radio Gets a Job

Lost Moon Radio at SF Sketchfest


Roger Wodehouse’s Androgymnasium (remount, LMR)

Lost Moon Radio: America at StudioSCR


Episode 12: Night (LMR)

The LA Weekly Theatre Awards

The Lost Moon Radio All-Request Hour


Episode 11: Rebels & Outlaws (LMR)

Roger Wodehouse's Androgymnasium (LMR)

Episode 10: Travel (LMR)

Episode 9: Faith & Belief (LMR)

Spring Awakening (business manager, Over the Moon Productions)


Episode 8: The 1976 KTSH Holiday Bash (LMR)

Episode 7: Childhood (LMR)

Episode 6: America (LMR)

Pictured: Tailor Lee, And the Drum (2016)

Photo credit: Trisha Harrison